"Feel Younger, Look Younger, Live Younger" Dr. Cole

Dr. William J. Cole Jr. DO

Dr. William J. Cole Jr. is an Osteopathic Physiatrist who completed training at NYU Rusk Institute in 2004 just after a life-threatening motor vehicle accident that deprived him the use of his most valuable asset, his hands. Dr. Cole underwent the first of seven surgeries in 2000, then subsequently had a one level Cervical Decompression in 2013 with multiple Stem Cell Therapy Treatments resulting in a tremendous reduction in pain and increase in functional abilities. This was in leu of a debilitating Four Level Cervical Fusion with hardware and screws as recommended by traditional neuro-surgeons that would have ended Dr. Coles successful career in Conservative and Interventional Pain Medicine…

   As a result, Dr. Cole changed his career path from Orthopedic Surgeon to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist, thereafter building a very successful outpatient based multi-location Orthopedic Medicine group serving thousands of local, regional, national, and international clients with customized treatments of highest quality care, resulting in exceptional outcomes and positively changed lives.

Dr. Cole has served, as an Assistant Clinical Professor at LECOM/Bradenton teaching all aspects of Conservative and Interventional Pain Management for the last 10 years to build strong community and medical ties to our future classes of physicians, as Dr Cole believes in giving back to the Medical Community.

   While working with some of the most prominent Orthopedic Surgeons in the US, Dr. Cole devoted his career to master and perfect the “minimally invasive interventional procedures” to “decrease pain and increase function without narcotics or surgery”.

   Dr. Cole and his lovely wife, Dr. Liliana Cole, raise their 2 children by example by serving the South Florida community through “The Know Pain Foundation” ®, which assists patients in the treatment of severe or chronic illnesses for those who deserve, but cannot afford, quality healthcare.

   Dr. Cole has pioneered multiple safe and effective non-surgical alternatives to surgery or narcotics such as “Dr Mary Jane”®, a Super CBD that yields safe and very effective reduction of not only Muscle and Joint Pain, but also can reduce Nerve Pain, Anxiety, Glaucoma, ADD, GI, and other disorders as it resets the body into our tranquil “Rest and Digest” Sense of Well Being. Dr. Cole specializing in a variety of Trigger Point Injections, Stem Cell Therapies, and PRP Treatments via fluoroscopic and ultrasound guided interventions with over 60,000 total procedures performed throughout his career. Dr. Cole has also achieved major medical innovations such as “The Sciatica Solution” via the “kNOw PAIN” ® approach to diagnose and treat over 10,000 patients with difficult and elusive disorders for the past 15 years with outstanding results.

 The “kNOw PAIN” ® Diagnosis and Treatment System, combined with Modern Stem Cell Therapies, followed by “Proactive Prevention”, will enable future doctors to “Have the Body Heal the Body”…     An Absolute Paradigm Shift in Healthcare! Dr. Cole’s motto is to “FIND IT, and FIX IT”, to get patients “Back to Their Lives Faster, More Fit, and More Functional” than our failed traditional medicine. The goal being Exceptional Health for Dr. Cole’s and all patients today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Dr. Cole has come to realization that: “The Quantity of Our Lives Can Make Them Special…              But the Quality of Our Lives Can Make Them Extraordinary…”

     Dr. Cole believes that “The Future of the Medicine is to Have The Body Heal The Body” through “Advanced Stem Cell Technologies” and “Replace the Drugs in Every Medicine Cabinet in America” with safe, effective, affordable, non-narcotic, and non-addictive medications, such as the “Dr. Mary Jane” - Super CBC… Non-Traditional Innovators like Dr. William Cole are leading the charge into the Future of Healthcare for Americans, for this Great Country, and to “Make America Healthy Again!”                            

Dr. William J Cole Jr. DO - President, Founder, and CEO:

OrthoMed® Pain & Sports Medicine, The “kNOwPAIN Institute”®, The “kNOwPAIN Foundation”®, Doctors Weight Loss® NOW”, and proud father of “Dr. Mary Jane”® - “Super CBD” which has replaced up to 50% of the narcotics formerly prescribed in the Certified Pain Clinics in southwest Florida.

Professional Affiliations include but not limited to:

American Association of Stem Cell Physicians (AASCP)

American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM)

American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPMR)

American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP) – FL

Florida Medical Association (FMA)

Florida Osteopathic Medical Association (FOMA)

Florida Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (FSIPP)

Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) assistant clinical professor
North American Spine Society (NASS)

Sarasota County Medical Society (SCMS)

"Your Health is an Investment, not an Expense"  Dr. Lili Cole

Maria Liliana Cole, M.D.


   Dr. Maria Liliana Cole, (AKA: “Lily like the Flower” as she so fondly admits), is a Board-Certified Doctor of Medicine and Surgery from Juan N. Corpas University Foundation, as proclaimed by The Minister of National Education, and The Office of General Secretary of Republic of Colombia.

   While treating acute and critical patients in the Emergency Department, Dr. Lily learned the value of life that is bestowed upon us, how precious, and how very fragile life is.   Hence, Dr. Lily strives to enlighten patients, friends, and family to “Cherish Every Day That You Have Been Given”, for “Life is a Gift, and We Should live in the Present”.

   Dr. Lily also Specialized in Endocrinology and Community Medicine, in order to “Educate Patients” on not only how to live longer, but also “How to Live Better” through proper nutrition, safety, and preventative care.  Dr. Lily changed thousands of lives in rural and remote areas that otherwise would have no access to quality healthcare with hard work and dedication, even when it meant that her own life may be in jeopardy.

   After a number of years, Dr. Lily yearned to learn even more and relocated to “The Place Where All the Medical Books are Written”, the US.  During her quest for Board Certification, Dr. Cole met another who was studying, but to Change the World… Dr. William J. Cole, Jr.  After an extended courtship (3 months), Dr. William and Dr. Lily made it official.  After emerging as Dr. Lily Cole, she diligently studied until the Boards had been passed, and the tests were completed.

  Dr. Lily Cole then joined forces with Dr. Wm. Cole at the OrthoMed® Pain & Sports Medicine Clinic to facilitate better quality patient care, community organization, and technical advice on business operations for the first five years. During the expansions and the   Dr. Lily Cole has also been certified as a “Consultant Compliance Officer” for Medical Organizations or Groups.  Thereafter, Dr. Lily Cole assumed the position of CFO for the entire OrthoMed® Organization, which assisting the development and creation of the “kNOw PAIN Institute” ®, and the “kNOw PAIN Foundation” ®.

   In the meantime, Dr. Lily Cole was blessed with her 2 angels, now 7 and 8, and functions as a full-time mom.”    Additionally, Dr. Lily Cole has launched the “Doctors Weight Loss® Now” Program empowering patients on how to, “Change Your Life-Style, Change Your World”.

   By virtue of an introduction by a good friend and brilliant bio-engineer, Dr. Lily Cole met Mr. Don Hannah of Hannah International Marine, a 55-year global marine shipping company, who instantly recognized her talent for Organized Wellness in the Medical Community.   Mr. Hannah then requested Dr. Lily Cole to launch a new program aboard the “Shangri-La” 5-Star Regenerative Cruise Ships with her husband, Dr. Wm. J. Cole, Jr. as the Medical Director.   As Dr. Lily Cole’s path takes yet another turn, but this time on water, as the “Wellness Program Director in charge of strategies for creation, implementation, and proper utilization of Education Based Knowledge in general and specific diet, exercise and lifestyle needs on board the “Shangri-La” ships to foster Maximal Health and Wellbeing of clients and crew.

   Dr. Lily Cole believes that to be the Best Wellness Program Director, one must have knowledge of Diverse Health Practices around the globe, grasp Cutting-Edge Technology associated with a vast array of Stem Cell Therapy Procedures performed worldwide, promote Biomechanical-Based Exercise Medicine, facilitate a Health Appetizing Weight Reduction Menu packed with Anti-oxidants, and Biome Restoring Dishes, create Customized Client Therapies and via strategic selection of Innovative Treatment Programs, ultimately to Promote Ageless Health for her clients and crew.

    Dr. Lily Cole possesses the Leadership Experience and Management Skills to make all this happen…  While maintaining her responsibilities as CFO of a Major Corporation, and earning her Motherhood Official Master’s degree…


Dr. Maria Liliana Cole:

CEO/ Founder: Empire Business Ventures

CFO:  OrthoMed® Pain & Sports Medicine

Founder: Doctors Weight Loss® NOW! Centers

Exec. Dir: The “kNOw PAIN Institute” ®, and the The “kNOw PAIN Foundation” ®

Co-Founder: “Dr. Mary Jane” ®  - “Super CBD!” Products

Registered: Medical Compliance Officer

Completing: “Motherhood Official Master” (MOM) Degree

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